Sheep casings

Sheep casing are one of the best in the market. It is one of the highest qualities of natural casing, which is used for the manufacturing of premium sausages like the Bratwurst, Merguez, Chipolata, Frankfurters, Nürnberger Bratwurst, and the Bockwurst, etc. Small in diameter, these casings provide the exact tenderness and have high tensile strength, making them able to withstand smoking, heating and cooking.

The various sizes that are available with us are as follows:

  • 20-22 mm of Sheep Casing: These are used for cocktail sausages and our 80 percent A Quality grade assures you the best.

  • 22-24 mm of Sheep Casing: With a 72 percent of quality grade, this casing is used behind the counter as they have the least breakage and bursting properties.

  • 24-26 mm of Sheep Casing: The most popular of all the casings as all famous European sausages are manufactured with this. We have 80 percent of quality grade making the sausage casing the finest.

  • 26-28 mm of Sheep Casing: One of the premium Sheep casing with a 95 percent grade quality, Iman Casing supplies the finest on time.